Cloud Works

Cloud Works

Cloud Works is a comprehensive set of solutions that address a client’s Planning and Deployment needs regardless of where they are in their cloud efforts. Today’s cloud world serves a dynamic business environment. T2M Works professionals are expert in designing, deploying and supporting user adoption of advanced collaboration & communication technologies.

The T2M Cloud Works portfolio brings together building blocks, processes, tools, resources, and methodology to provide you a single source for achieving your desired business outcomes. Getting to the next level requires working with an experienced leader. From development to deployment to delivery T2M can remove the obstacles and confusion and clear the path to a future filled with possibilities.

  • T2M Assess identifies your organizations readiness for operating in the cloud. Our tools help you assess your on-premises resources and determine the optimal architecture when migrating to the Cloud. We map your application infrastructure, determine interdependencies, to provide foundational information critical to achieving the desired outcome. The certified professionals at T2M investigate, evaluate, plan, and document your environment prior to initiating a migration project. T2M uncovers the unknowns and closes the gaps to minimize the surprises later.
  • T2M Migrate is a proven approach to ensuring your migration to the cloud is a predictable, well defined journey to a predetermined end-state. Choosing the right migration strategy depends on your business drivers for cloud adoption, as well as time considerations, business and financial constraints, and resource requirements. T2M’s full spectrum project approach applies project management best practices that include clear budgets, timelines, and business outcomes to ensure you will achieve your objectives while your organization develops new skills, processes, tools, and capabilities. T2M Migrate is more than a planning methodology, it will leave you with the confidence and knowledge to succeed with cloud services.
  • T2M Modernize brings you world- class engineering resources knowledgeable across a broad spectrum of cloud technologies. Adopting cloud services presents many benefits, but your journey to the cloud will be met with challenges. Utilize T2M’s Engineering as a Service (EaaS) and gain the advantages of having the right resource at the right time regardless of the project. T2M engineers specialize in Microsoft Azure and AWS solutions, holding multiple industry certifications and extensive real-world experience. Most importantly they listen to you and strive to understand your requirements so that you can lead and drive change to gain the greatest benefit from your decision to leverage the cloud.
  • T2M Managed Services employs our proven operating model, on-going cost optimization, and Day2 infrastructure management to your cloud environment. You chose the cloud to unburden yourself from infrastructure operations so you can direct resources toward differentiating your business. We have adapted our proven framework for operating enterprise voice services at five 9s to provide common activities, such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, network management, and backup services. T2M Managed Services provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support your cloud infrastructure.


Cloud Readiness Checklist

Maximize the benefits of cloud migration by reviewing the critical success factors and clearing the obstacles in advance.


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Retail Solutions

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“T2M is a great partner to work with as our business evolves, and new challenges arise. From capacity planning to phone call routing, T2M has consistently been able to work with us on today’s challenges and ready ourselves for the future.”
– Chadd Justsen, Infrastructure Lead Systems Engineer, Medical Solutions