Custom VOIP Optimization Solution | TitleMax Case Study

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How T2M Voice+ hosted in Amazon Web Services(AWS) enabled TitleMax to enter a new era of customer service.

After an exhaustive search of numerous brands, TitleMax chose T2M Voice+ from T2M Works. T2M Voice+ is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides the scale, flexibility, and reliability that was critical to the TitleMax decision. Download the case study to learn about their specific VOIP optimization solution.


TitleMax, one of the nation’s largest title lending companies operates across 16 states with more than 2,000 employees. In 2015, this rapidly growing enterprise began seeking a cloud-based voice solution to speed inter-store communications and accelerate customer response times.

Today, TitleMax is utilizing T2M Voice+ at 1,183 TitleMax stores including two corporate headquarters locations. Additionally, TitleMax is utilizing T2M Voicemail across the enterprise. T2M Voicemail is also hosted in AWS.

Every organization is looking for opportunities to be more efficient and focus on the most strategic elements of their business. The increasing complexity of IT has drawn resources (both financial and human) away from strategic activities and applied them to the operation of increasingly complex infrastructure. As a result, IT shops are more focused on the heavy lifting of racking and stacking servers, as well as, applying resources to the maintenance of software applications. This leaves IT little time or budget to focus on projects that differentiate the business and solve stakeholder issues.

There is simply a better way. Learn more about T2M Works Solutions to begin your business’ VOIP optimization strategy.

“We have worked with T2M for 4 years now. From new project coordination and management, new service feature test and setup or just BAU, T2M has proven to be a true partner.”

Marc Ybarra, TitleMax