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Harnessing  the power of Azure and AWS cloud platforms and combining them with exceptional engineering to deliver extraordinary outcomes. 

Call Analytics

Gain powerful insights on how your organization communicates with custom reports and visualizations to deliver a better user experience and make more informed business decisions. Increase visibility across your entire data landscape and discover new and innovative uses for that data.
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DevOps & Automation

Establish a DevOps foundation based on T2M Works and Microsoft best practices. Engage with T2M to modernize your tools, your platform and help you transform your business and improve processes. Benefit from innovative cloud architectures coupled with sound governance.
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Application Modernization

Reduce operating costs and capital spending, provide better products and services to your customers, take advantage of enhanced security and scalability, and free up your IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives.
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T2M Voice2Teams

A complementary cloud voice solution that pairs well with Teams offering an alternative calling plan and a feature-rich telephony experience to address all your enterprise communication needs.  Get PSTN access and use the familiar Teams soft client or your phone.
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“T2M Works is an exceptional partner that is plugged into the right business outcomes for customers. ”

Kevin Williams, NetApp, Inc. – Vice President, Worldwide Public Cloud Sales

Call Analytics

CDR Analysis
  • Understand call flows
  • View detailed information by person, device, team or location
  • Discover company-wide, departmental, or user-level trends
Call Quality Analysis
  • Obtain detailed media metrics
  • Track network performance
  • Review ear-to-ear quality-of-experience reports
Infrastructure Analysis
  • Pinpoint issues
  • Quickly view packet loss, jitter, latency, and codecs
  • Determine if WiFi or Ethernet was involved
  • Get device & driver detail
  • Identify ISPs
T2M Works Portal
  • See real-time dashboard updates
  • Avoid surprises
  • Utilize intuitive web-based access
  • Benefit from advanced reporting
  • Schedule MAC activity
  • Shorten provisioning timelines
  • Leverage troubleshooting tools
  • Set proactive alarm notifications
  • Streamline workflows
  • Track success metrics
  • Make process improvements
  • Understand usage patterns
  • Identify user preferences
  • Azure Synapse
  • Data Factory
  • Databricks
  • Data Lake
  • Machine Learning
  • Power BI

DevOps & Automation

  • Assessments
  • Proof-of-concept creation
  • Pilot roll-outs
  • Migrations from on-premises to cloud
  • Implementation
  • Production deployment
  • Training
  • Deployment efficiency
  • Faster roll-outs
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Immediate, measurable results
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Delivery team check-in & feedback loops
  • Version control and triggers
  • Build & unit tests
  • Automated acceptance tests
  • User acceptance tests
  • Production release
  • Migration strategy development
  • Capacity estimation
  • Resource migration
  • Fault-tolerant design
  • Recovery planning
  • Security management
  • Azure DevOps
  • PowerShell
  • ARM Templates
  • Containers
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure Blueprints
  • Azure Backup
  • Azure Monitor
  • Ansible

Application Modernization

  • Re-build services
  • Re-platform apps & data services
  • Re-imagine solutions
  • Reduce complexities
  • Determine the optimal cloud platform
  • Leverage modern IaaS technology
  • Build & deploy what you want
Discovery & Assessment
  • Inventory existing apps
  • Review legacy app integrations
  • Identify potential value of modernization
  • Provide modernization options
  • Prioritize app migrations
  • Move apps to the Cloud aka “Lift and Shift”
  • Achieve real-time scalability
  • Realize dramatic cost savings
  • Improve business agility
  • Benefit from tuning & optimization
  • Deliver sophisticated user experiences
  • Use the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice
  • Leverage cloud features such as AI and Analytics
  • Implement backup and DR solutions
  • Enhance security
Virtualization Skills
  • Containers
  • Serverless functions
  • Microservices
  • Message queues
  • Webapps
  • Open source


  • Flexible & cost-effective alternatives to the Microsoft Calling Plan
  • Secure & reliable SIP trunking
  • DIDs included
  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Usage based international calling
Resilient Design
  • Redundant calling paths with no dependency on M365
  • High availability environment
  • Independent SBC infrastructure
  • Aggressive SLAs
Support Services
  • U.S. based support staff
  • 24/7/365 access to resources
  • Tier 2+ Microsoft Teams support
  • Industry certifications across multiple platforms
  • Front line experience
Legacy Services Availability
  • E-fax
  • Analog devices
  • Common area phones
  • Paging, alarms, night-bells
  • Shared line appearance
Existing Phone Utilization
  • Reuse existing SIP phones
  • Eliminate the requirement for expensive Teams phones
  • Select from a variety of manufacturer options
  • Choose from a broad range of models
T2M Works Portal
  • See real-time dashboard updates
  • Avoid surprises
  • Utilize intuitive web-based access
  • Benefit from advanced reporting
  • Schedule MAC activity
  • Shorten provisioning timelines
  • Leverage troubleshooting tools
  • Set proactive alarm notifications