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Resources to enable an AI automated future.


Streamline and optimize work within your organization.  T2M Works can automate workflows across applications and services, build chatbots and virtual agents, analyze data and generate insights, and create custom flows. Automating work allows you to save time, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.
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Azure AI

Build, deploy, and manage intelligent applications using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). You can use Azure AI to create solutions that can understand natural language, analyze documents, make predictions and recommendations, automate processes, and more.
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Cloud Service Integrations

Cloud service integrations are the connections and interactions between different cloud services that enable them to share data, functionality, or resources. Cloud service integrations automate workflows, orchestrate processes, and implement business logic in the cloud.
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Copilot Extensibility

Augment Copilot for Microsoft 365 to meet your business needs by developing custom copilots, integrating plugins, or extending data insights with connectors.
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“T2M Works is an exceptional partner that is plugged into the right business outcomes for customers. ”

Kevin Williams, NetApp, Inc. – Vice President, Worldwide Public Cloud Sales


Adaptive Cards
  • Display rich content and actions
  • Custom layout, data, and logic of your cards
  • Add conditional logic, calculations, or formatting.
API Integration
  • Connect to enterprise data sources
  • Trigger workflows on application events
  • Push data to LOB apps with a chat
AI Builder
  • Build and use AI models within workflows
  • Create models that assess unstructured data (calls, documents, etc.)
  • Train AI to recognize key fields and values in documents
Business Process Flows
  • Eliminate low value repetitive tasks
  • Standardize and streamline business processes
  • Monitor and analyze the performance and outcomes
Virtual Agents
  • Interact with your customers or employees through natural language
  • Search for structured data with a natural language chats
  • Apply custom machine-learning intelligence to retain detailed information from conversation

Azure AI

Azure BOT Service
  • Quickly create and publish bots
  • Enable multiple channels including web sites and Teams
  • Add conditional logic, calculations, or formatting.
Speech Recognition
  • Speech to text and text to speech
  • Natural human like conversational interfaces
  • Batch transcriptions for post-call analytics
Cognitive Search
  • Pretrained models that are ready to use (no training)
  • Extract insights from documents
  • Packaged as APIs and SDKs that allow your apps to interpret user needs.
Document Intelligence
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Extract text from documents and transform into actionable structured content
  • Index content for quicker retrieval
Cloud Flows
  • Connect multiple apps and services in a workflow
  • Trigger workflows based on events or data
  • Notify individuals with information to enable decision making

Cloud Service Integrations

Azure Logic Apps
  • Orchestrate workflows
  • Integrate cloud services
  • Add conditional logic, calculations, or formatting.
Azure Functions
  • Serverless computing
  • Custom code for fine-grained control and high performance
  • Add conditional logic, calculations, or formatting.
Cloud Native Deployment
  • Faster innovation, lower costs, and higher quality
  • Design, construct, and operate workloads that are built in the cloud
  • Simplify resource management, while ensuring access control
Cloud Service Selection
  • Solutions for structured and unstructured data
  • On-demand computing resources
  • Tools for analyzing and visualizing data
AI Powered Services
  • Extract insights and information from unstructured documents
  • Speech services that transcribe conversations and analyze speech
  • Intelligent applications that can learn from data

Copilot Extensibility

Custom copilots
  • Scope copilots to specific data sources
  • Connect to Power Platform
  • Bring AI to specific business purposes
Copilot plugins
  • SAP
  • SQL
  • Salesforce
Extend access to your data
  • Access intelligence sources from suppliers
  • Access RestAPIs to extend insights
  • Utilize structured and unstructured data
Graph connectors
  • Relevance based on user activities
  • Semantic discovery of content
  • Data stays within compliance boundary
Message extension plugins
  • Enable branded experience
  • Better UX with adaptive cards
  • Better discovery