Enterprise Connect 2024 Recap: AI Takes Center Stage

Orlando, FL – April 4, 2024 – Last week, technology leaders, vendors, and partners convened at the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando to explore the latest trends and innovations in enterprise collaboration. Despite a smaller turnout compared to pre-pandemic levels, the event remained a pivotal platform for industry engagement and knowledge exchange.

This year’s conference was marked by a spotlight on artificial intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential in enterprise settings. Notably, Microsoft announced an upcoming AI-centric Enterprise Connect event scheduled for October in California, underscoring the growing importance of AI in shaping the future of collaboration technologies.

T2M Works, Nick Smith, Technical Evangelist, attended Enterprise Connect.  Key observations include:

  • AI in Contact Centers: Discussions revolved around AI’s role in contact centers, with Microsoft showcasing its Copilot for Service. Customers emphasized the importance of deploying AI with careful governance and training measures.
  • Shift in Microsoft’s Presence: Microsoft exhibited a smaller presence at the conference compared to previous years, with a smaller booth and fewer accolades. However, they outlined strategies for empowering frontline workers with voice-enabled solutions.
  • Recognition for Innovation: RingCentral received the prestigious Best of Enterprise Connect award for its personal AI helper, unlocking insights from conversations.
  • Microsoft Partner Ecosystem: Insights into Microsoft’s partner ecosystem revealed new initiatives and incentives for voice pilots and partnerships. There’s a renewed focus on driving voice deployments, with Teams seeing significant growth in enabled voice seats.
  • Channel Partner Connections: Engagements with channel partners highlighted the need for clarity on T2M’s strategy and differentiation in the voice solutions space.
  • Microsoft’s Keynote Highlights: Microsoft unveiled new features and enhancements for Teams, including a Queues app for contact center capabilities and intelligent call recaps.

Overall, Enterprise Connect 2024 provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of collaboration technologies and the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future of enterprise communications.

For more information on Enterprise Connect announcements, visit Microsoft’s blog: What’s New in Microsoft Teams | Enterprise Connect 2024 Edition – Microsoft Community Hub.