T2M adds Landis Attendant Console to MS Teams solutions portfolio

T2M Works Direct Routing integration keeps Microsoft Teams at the center of your collaboration experience.  T2M Direct Routing let’s you make and receive calls right from Teams via the web, the desktop, and from the mobile client.  What about specialized calling scenarios?

How do you handle the traditional receptionist role or the executive assistant position spanning multiple call management functions?  To address these needs and further enhance the Teams calling experience, T2M is adding Landis Attendant Console to their MS Teams solutions portfolio.

T2M recognizes that an Attendant Console soft client requires key features specific to call handling:

  • Common, everyday tasks must be efficient
  • Searching contacts must be easy, allow for access to large numbers of contacts, & provide a quick overview of contact status
  • Users should easily see caller context
  • The receptionist experience must be customizable to fit a variety of use case requirements

The Landis Attendant Console for MS Teams:

  • Easily enhances the Teams calling experience without complicated integration
  • Leverages unique Microsoft Teams strengths like presence, chat, bots, and other Microsoft 365 components
  • Naturally fits into the MS Teams endpoint lineup: Client, Phone, Rooms, etc.

Adding Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams to the T2M Works ecosystem was a natural fit for both organizations.  Landis worked closely with the Microsoft API team to bring the first Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams to market.  The client is simple and only requires signing in with a Microsoft Teams user ID to begin using it. The Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams is now generally available.  You can read the full Landis announcement here:

Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams Fully GA & Among First to Showcase New Microsoft API – Landis Technologies LLC 

T2M Direct Routing and Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams bring everything together in the same place. Historically, you might have found yourself moving between different tools and applications to make, answer, and transfer phone calls. With this combined solution, there’s no need for you to do that, because it’s all combined into one platform (natively in Microsoft Teams). This helps to make things much more convenient, consistent, and user-friendly, saving valuable time and unnecessary hassle. Learn more here.