T2M enhances the Microsoft Teams experience with SMS Texting for your Business Lines

Denver, CO – August 19, 2021

Texting has become one of the most popular methods of communication in the B2C world with 60% of consumers saying they prefer text messages to phone calls from companies they do business with.

What’s more, 88% of people are now screening calls from unknown numbers to their phones. So how can businesses looking to connect with their customer base be most effective? The answer is clear, texting is the way to go!

Microsoft Teams doesn’t offer native SMS support and the third party application space for this has been lacking, until now. Introducing T2M’s SMS for Teams, a Teams native application that enables your business phone numbers with SMS capabilities and gives your users the power of Text without ever leaving their Teams client.

No more switching between applications and losing the context of what you were working on, with SMS for Teams all of the functionality is built directly into Teams.

With our Advanced offering you can go beyond basic 1 to 1 messaging and start to integrate SMS into your core business workflows.

Automatic notifications for upcoming customers appointments, marketing message blasts, or after-call surveys can all be built for your unique needs.

Stop managing all the moving parts of a separate SMS application and start leveraging the full power of Teams. Contact us at info@t2mworks.com to learn more!