T2M releases new MS Teams Management Packs to aid in administration and management of the Teams platform

MS Teams has fundamentally changed the balance of control when it comes to creating new collaboration spaces within organizations. With more power being given to the end user to create new spaces, IT teams need tools in place to better manage their Teams footprint to ensure usage and Team proliferation doesn’t become a runaway issue. T2M has introduced a suite of new tools to aid IT in this endeavor with our Teams and Voice Management Packs.

Keep your Teams Healthy and Compliant

Take control of your Teams tenant with our administration and management reports for Teams. We help you easily understand the health of your Teams, how they’re being used, and when Teams have become stale or abandoned. This allows administrators to easily maintain the Teams footprint to ensure unnecessary teams are archived or merged into more appropriate Teams to keep information organized and easy to access.

You can also keep a close watch on who you’re sharing access with from other companies to ensure data is kept secure and only appropriate items are shared externally. Keep yourself safe and compliant quickly and easily with our Teams Management Pack.

Voice Management Simplified

As more organizations migrate their enterprise voice workloads to Teams, administrators need tools to be able to quickly identify how the platform is being used and validate that users are having a high quality experience.

T2M delivers on that need with our new Voice Management Pack, a series of action-focused reports to help IT admins with their every-day tasks.

Learn more about our new Management Packs here.