T2M Works releases updated Teams Adoption Framework to help organizations better leverage their Teams investment

Denver, CO – July 29, 2021

As companies continue to migrate to Teams on a daily basis, many of them are finding that their migration partners are dropping them off at the “front door” of Teams with their bags packed and driving off, leaving the customer to figure out how they are actually supposed to leverage Teams.

This can leave a lot of the value of Teams on the table as busy IT teams are asked to move on to other projects and the user base is left to just figure things out for themselves.

It’s no surprise that when asked, most IT organizations can’t actually tell how Teams has been adopted into their organization’s workflow or whether adoption can be considered successful. Most companies haven’t even defined what successful adoption of Teams looks like, so how could they know if they met their goals?

T2M breaks the mold of DIY adoption with our new Teams Adoption Framework included in all of our professional services migration projects. With this tool, our engineers can quickly work with your team to define what success looks like and equip you with the tools you need to be able to quickly measure changes in behavior to ensure adoption is happening as expected.

With the inclusion of T2M’s Teams Management Pack we are able to equip customers to answer critical adoption questions like:

  • Which departments are most effectively utilizing Teams? How are they integrating the platform into their daily workflow?
  • Is Teams reducing the need for other forms of internal communication like emails with attachments?
  • Are there areas within the organization where adoption is stalled, could those groups benefit from additional training or is something in the configuration of Teams preventing them from being able to integrate it into their daily work?

“Getting a Customer to Teams is not the complete journey. Once the migration work is finished, the organization has to tackle embracing Teams and integrate it into their workstreams. T2M engineers guide our customers through melding the business and tool: configuring controls to ensure compliance and governance needs are met, readying the organization through pre- and post-migration communications, shining a light on adoption and growth of Teams in the environment, and enabling users with audience-specific training.

T2M’s process has been honed over a decade, reimagining communications for companies across verticals from education to finance and sizes from mid-market to the large enterprise. That means not all projects are the same, but with our experience and industry honored engineers, T2M’s approach will fit any customer’s needs.” – Mike Little, T2M Works Director of Engineering

The Teams Adoption Framework starts at the beginning of your migration by defining what successful adoption looks like for your organization. From there we make sure that your migration with T2M works towards the success metrics we agreed on in the planning phase.

As the migration comes to a close, our engineering team transitions their efforts into helping your organization start adopting Teams with interactive training sessions tailored to your success criteria. The final element to the framework involves a tooling discussion to help put in place a measurement system to ensure that you have the ability to quickly and easily check on the progress of your adoption program and course correct as needed.

“T2M is a great partner to work with as our business evolves, and new challenges arise. From capacity planning to phone call routing, T2M has consistently been able to work with us on today’s challenges and ready ourselves for the future.” – Chadd Justsen, Medical Solutions

To learn more about how our adoption framework can help you, regardless of where you are in your Teams journey, click here.