T2M Works Welcomes Nick Smith as Technical Evangelist

T2M Works is thrilled to announce the addition of Nick Smith to their team, taking on the role of Technical Evangelist. With a wealth of industry experience under his belt, including a recent tenure as Principal Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, Nick brings a robust skill set and a passion for tackling complex business challenges to his new position.

In his previous role at Microsoft, Nick demonstrated a keen ability to drive success through strategic program management. Now, at T2M Works, he will leverage this expertise to focus on customer success, a core value of the company. Specifically, Nick will be tasked with identifying and collaborating with Microsoft Account Teams that intersect with T2M’s client base. By fostering improved dialogue and joint engagement between these teams, T2M anticipates enhanced strategic alignment that will ultimately benefit end customers.

Residing in the greater Denver, Colorado area with his family, Nick brings not only professional expertise but also a zest for life outside the office. A seasoned traveler, he and his family have explored various destinations in Europe, fostering a well-rounded perspective that complements his professional endeavors. Additionally, Nick is an enthusiastic sports fan and an alumnus of Colorado State University, where he is currently pursuing his MBA.

T2M Works extends a warm welcome to Nick Smith, confident that his unique blend of experience, passion, and dedication will contribute significantly to the company’s continued growth and success.