Updating the 911 experience with Dynamic 911 services

As more organizations migrate to Unified Communications-as-a-Service in the cloud for their telephony needs, the administrative burden of maintaining accurate 911 data manually has become too much.

UCaaS platforms offer significant advances in user mobility but require more intelligent systems to keep track of user whereabouts when it comes to routing emergency services calls. Manual administration of this data is simply not feasible for most organizations which leaves them in a situation where they either have to continue using obsolete technology, or risk non-compliance with State and Federal laws due to a lacking Emergency Services plan.

Introducing T2M’s Dynamic 911 into an organization allows IT administrators to focus on more high-value tasks without compromising the risk footprint of the organization. This modern service keeps organizations safe and compliant without introducing management overhead for IT admins.

Dynamic 911 helps T2M Voice+ and Direct Routing customers comply with current emergency services laws by providing dynamic location data any time a 911 call is made from a managed or unmanaged network.

More information on T2M’s new Dynamic 911 service can be found here.