Cloud Migration Process – Balancing Speed with Completeness

cloud migration process

Every cloud migration process is approached in a different way, and there is no simple answer as to what the right process looks like. Some processes, such as risk management, for instance, require a company to get it right every time, so completeness and accuracy are top priorities. Other processes may value speed and efficiency as a top priority. No matter the process, you need a road map for your cloud migration.

Is it possible to achieve speed and completeness in a cloud migration process?

With the right goals, benchmarks, and, of course, the right cloud migration partner, the process of migrating to the cloud can be both fast and complete. Each objective needs a documented process and an expert to create and guide every step. With a bit of customization upfront, processes can meet business goals in both speed and completeness.

A Need for Speed

Sometimes time is of the essence. A business has different mission-critical functions that can’t wait for a long process to be complete. The right cloud migration partner can identify the functions that absolutely must get off the ground in order for the business to function.

The key in this instance is to create a process that maps out a value stream from the trigger point to completion, all the way to the business realizing the value from the result. This mapping exercise determines the length of time the cloud migration process will take, and how to get to results quickly and accurately.

The issue most companies have is balancing the need for speed with the need for accuracy and completeness. When executing a cloud migration process, a business can’t wait to see results. Having systems down for lengths of time isn’t an option. Time is of the essence. Hence, speed will be top of mind during a cloud migration process, unfortunately pushing completeness to the bottom of the priority list in many instances.

A quick fix is always great in the short-term, but if a cloud migration process isn’t completed accurately and thoroughly, the business will experience problems down the road. This leads to issues that will need to be escalated, possible system down-time, and a lot of frustration.

‘D’ for ‘Done’

So you got your cloud migration done quickly and efficiently, which means you get an A+ for execution, yes? No. Favoring speed over completeness creates sub-par work many times, missing steps in the process and ignoring important details. On the surface, you may have achieved your business goals for speedy cloud migration, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find bugs, and those bugs will come back to bite you. 

But did the tortoise really win the race?

On the other side of the coin, you have cloud migration processes that examine every detail, check for accuracy at every step, and go back and test everything ad nauseam. While this level of completeness with every step certainly has value, it is difficult for a business to maintain this pace.

Many times, a cloud migration process can have so many steps in the process, that the timeline slows to a crawl. Constant checking and testing without moving forward at a good pace risks diminishing enthusiasm as the project wears on. Slow processes also risk maintaining relevance and value for the client, as they may move on to other projects and initiatives if they can’t see value quickly.

In the old metaphor of the tortoise and the hare, as the two race, the hare leaps out of the gate as fast as he can, but tires before the finish line and doesn’t win. The tortoise keeps a slow and steady pace and ultimately wins the race. 

While slow and steady is a usually good thing, a tortoise-like pace can cause spectators and participants to get bored and move on to something different. 

Don’t be the tortoise or the hare, Be a happy medium of both.

Optimization is Key

Before cloud migration even begins, the process must be outlined and assessed for effectiveness and efficiency.

Effectiveness is doing the right things.

Efficiency is achieving the most value for the least amount of labor.

Many times, when working with a technology provider, you may leave an interaction feeling like no one knows what’s going on. Or, maybe it’s evident from the start that the provider lacks good process design capability. This is why businesses need a high-quality partner that can balance effectiveness and efficiency in process design in order to execute a flawless and speedy cloud migration. Yes, it does exist.

Top 5 things to know about cloud migration processes:

  • A lot of providers offer cloud migration services, but many times a client must choose between speed and completeness when choosing between providers.
  • Speed is important, but without accuracy, it can cause problems down the line.
  • Completeness is also important, but without speed, the project can lose relevance.
  • Effectiveness is doing the right things. Efficiency is achieving the most value for the least amount of labor. Choose a partner that can balance both.
  • Well-designed processes are key for any cloud migration.