Questions to Answer Before You Select a Cloud Voice Solution

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Questions to Answer Before You Select a Cloud Voice Solution | T2M

When considering a large-scale cloud voice migration, information overload is all but assured. There are many cloud voice migration service providers out there that all tout extraordinary service, affordable solutions, and expert guidance. And most of them will offer you the added convenience of a ‘Buy Now’ button. But is the ‘Buy Now’ button really the ‘Easy Button’?

Telecom Complexity Doesn’t Fit A Buy Now Button Approach

There are many vendors you could choose from for your business’s cloud migration. They all have attractive websites, and most have a ‘Buy Now’ button. Easy, right? For simple, single-site or homogenous site businesses, this could be easy. Contemplating larger, more complex legacy systems is a job that only an expert can do.

Migrating voice services can be a very complex process when you add elements such as a patchwork of legacy PBX systems across multiple sites, complex contact center requirements and a multitude of analog service considerations.

If you have deployed or are thinking of deploying collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, the ‘Buy Now’ button providers won’t integrate with your system. And if you have the need for a Cloud Voice solution that seamlessly integrates with your collaboration tools, the ‘easy button’ can’t address your needs, making the process complicated and unsupportable.

How Easy is the ‘Easy Button’?

If you are looking for a pre-built, automated service, the ‘Buy Now’ button can be a great fit for your needs. It’s an affordable, packaged deal.

However, in larger businesses that have multiple sites with complex requirements, the easiest part of the transaction is the click of the button. But the lack of customization or support might leave the heavy lifting to your internal teams.  This can have a paralyzing effect on the team and lead to poor execution or even worse, never getting started.

Buy Now button automation is great when it’s automated with your particular needs in mind. But when you purchase with a single click, you basically get an instruction kit and a manual for a DIY job. It’s now your responsibility to consume the product.  This can create confusion, user adoption concerns and an unnecessary set of problems for your IT shop. Ultimately a solution that doesn’t fully meet your needs.

Not so easy.

Can you get customized VoIP solutions for your unique business model?

For large, multi-site businesses, voice-to-cloud migration needs engineering support from start to finish, and on an ongoing basis. Very few voice to cloud vendors offer this level of support, but it is crucial for multiple site companies with complex needs..

What kind of support can you expect after a cloud voice migration?

With any level of telecom complexity, voice-to-cloud migration demands engineering excellence, extensive product offerings, customization ability, and a relationship-centered approach. No ‘Buy Now’ service can offer that level of support for that level of complexity.

T2M is the only voice-to-cloud provider that takes on the entire migration, offering customization to your business needs along the way. T2M has multiple platforms and offers a solution-based approach, as opposed to a technology-based approach. This means that T2M offers so much more than the standard offerings of a ‘Buy Now’ provider. With a solution-based approach, each business T2M serves gets white-glove level support wrapped up in an extensive set of engineering services that consistently helps your organization recognize the value of the solution.

Do you know your support engineer’s name?

Imagine a Cloud Voice service with extraordinary white-glove service, to the point that you know your support engineer’s name. Imagine a provider that would know you had an issue before you did. From dropped calls to poor call quality, T2M constantly monitors its systems to understand what issue is going on, and where. Instead of expecting the client to diagnose and troubleshoot issues, T2M performs a double-diagnosis and tracks down the problem before it becomes a business issue.

Let’s Talk

Instead of buying now, how about talking to an expert? For complex systems, you need a vendor who understands cloud voice complexity, and offers a singular, personalized experience for you and your business.

5 Things You Should Know About Voice-To-Cloud Migration:

  • The ‘Buy Now’ button is never the ‘Easy Button’
  • For complex telecom structures, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work
  • Customization is better than convenience, although customization will always lead to convenience
  • Voice-To-Cloud should not be a DIY job – talk to an expert
  • Troubleshooting can be a pain or a delight. Choose a vendor with white-glove support to be delighted every time.