Goodbye Microsoft Exchange UM. Now What?

Mark your calendar. On February 28, Microsoft Exchange UM goes away forever. You may have hoped that Microsoft will automatically push clients to Azure once Exchange is retired. And while this would be an “easy button,” the onus will, in reality, be on your company to move to Azure, and nothing about this is easy. In order to migrate with Microsoft, current Exchange users will have to replace auto-attendant and voicemail services within the Office 365 ecosystem, which requires a purchased upgrade to a separate calling system to maintain the back-end infrastructure. Essentially, former Exchange users will have to piece together various Microsoft services to maintain their level of automation. Easy, right? Oh, and don’t forget you will likely need to completely re-record and reroute your auto-attendant too.

What does the end of Microsoft Exchange UM mean for your business?

For multi-site, client-focused businesses, an interruption in voice services just isn’t an option. In a highly competitive business environment, client leads, conferencing, and effective voice automation are key to business continuity.

An All-in-One Solution

You probably already have multiple systems in play, which don’t always play nicely with each other. You need a quick and easy solution based in the cloud, with top-notch customer care at your fingertips 24/7. 

T2M Works specializes in system integration and personalized ongoing support so that you can focus on your business. With our team of expert engineers experienced with Microsoft and AWS cloud solutions, we will manage your cloud migration from start to finish.

We’ll do the work; you’ll get the credit

In addition to the Microsoft Exchange problem, you’ve probably inherited a long list of aging and inconsistent systems across different geographies. You know that you need to modernize your systems for today’s users. But how? 

You’ve got a skeleton staff and limited resources to work with, so why not take this opportunity to engage with a company that can help with all of it? Today’s workforce is mobile in more ways than one, and businesses need mobile-friendly solutions that are relevant and useful from the Great Plains to the Great Beyond. 

At T2M, we believe that experience counts, and we will work to provide you, your team, and your business with a superior experience that will not only upgrade your systems but provide excellence in execution with uninterrupted service and consistency across the board.

T2M to the rescue!

T2M has a variety of solutions that work well and work together. That’s why they’re called the T2M Works suite. When you engage with T2M, you have customizable options that will all integrate seamlessly. T2M provides Voice Works, Cloud Works, and Managed Works.

Voice Works 

We offer a customizable solution to address your telephony, unified messaging, chat, and presence needs. We understand the need to communicate across multiple devices. And we understand the need for workforce management and analytics as a companion product to your communication solution. We are even happy to offer a white glove service to set up and guide you and your team through the entire configuration process.

Cloud Works

T2M realizes that every business is in a different place on their cloud journey. We want to be an asset to your business function, helping advance your business’ technology needs, while remaining accessible to all. That’s why we offer building blocks, processes, tools, and resources to help achieve your unique cloud goals. 

Managed Works

We offer comprehensive engineering expertise and ongoing resources for your cloud journey. Managed Works is our Engineering as a Service (EaaS) solution that complements our entire suite of products and makes sure your T2M cloud solutions are optimized.